** Update 29 March 2020**

We are making some changes in line with the most recent government guidelines. We will now have a "concierge service". That is, we will discuss your concerns and your pets needs on the phone, meet you outside, take your pet inside for examination and treatment, using skype or phone as needed with you, then bring your pet back outside. 

What this really means: staff and animals only inside the clinic. There will be very specific circumstances where we may need to work out another approach, for example very anxious animals, and euthanasias. 

Please use cashless payment methods. We sanitise the EFTPOS machine after every use.

We are moving this week to 2 teams of staff. If one of us is exposed to or infected with COVID-19 our work team would also be quarantined. This way we would still have staff who can help with your pet. It does mean less people in the clinic so there may be a wait on the phone or at the door. We apologise for this, we are doing it to try to keep every person and your pets safe. If we don't answer the phone, please try again a few minutes later or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Please consider your health, our health, and that of the community. We will work out a way to help any of our patients that need it. We ask that you contact us to work out the best way, especially if you have any illness yourself, a history of recent travel or close contact with someone who has, or contact with a person with known or suspected COVID-19. 


*Update 27 March 2020*

Minister Littleproud has announced veterinarians provide an essential service. We will remain open.
We will be operating by appointment only. If you are unwell and your pet needs to be seen please try to arrange for someone else to bring your pet in or, if this is not possible, please phone ahead to work out an alternate arrangement with us. We encourage everyone to call from their cars when they arrive as we are keeping the amount of clients in our waiting room to strictly limited numbers. We are also happy to collect your pet from your car and return him/her to you.
If you are needing a script please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , wait for our reply, and then you are welcome to come in to collect your medication. This greatly reduces face to face contact.


*Update 24 March 2020*

We are set up for Skype consultations. Please phone the clinic as usual to organise a time and we can get your Skype contact details. We can organise payment by phone or in clinic if you have to collect medications or prescriptions, or if we do have to examine your pet after the discussion. 

Many conditions can be managed predominantly with discussion and advice. For example, mild tummy upsets, some skin and ear conditions, behaviour problems, rechecks after surgery or other procedures. Obviously we will have to examine some animals but having the discussion part out of the way reduces your time in the waiting and consultation room. We usually cannot dispense or prescribe S4 medication to pets that we have not physically examined fairly recently, but this can be established at the time.

Please respect the health of our staff and other clients and follow current recommendations regarding 1.5m distance from other people, one person in the consultation room at a time, and not coming in if you are at all unwell yourself. Give us a call and we can work out a plan to take care of your pet.

Stay healthy and take care!


*NEWS* Sunday 15 March 2020

We are happy to offer phone and Skype consultations for our clients who have to isolate themselves or prefer to minimise close contact time with other humans. Obviously this does not  replace a full physical examination of your pet, there will be some patients who we will have to see, auscultate, palpate and treat. However, we can discuss your pet's health first and then work out the safest way to proceed. Even if we do need to see your pet this approach should minimise the amount of time we humans spend in close contact, thus decreasing the risk of any viral spread. 

To be perfectly honest, we will still be sorting out the Skype bit for a few days, but we will get there! We want everyone to stay well.

So call or email us to organise a time. 

(Normal consultation fees apply)

Our goal is to practice, with compassion, the highest quality medicine and surgery while emphasising patient care and client education. We have been setting this standard for compassionate, professional pet care since 1959 and will continue to do so for all the years to come.

We aim to give you honest advice about what your pet needs and discuss with you all the potential treatment options for your pet and your family.

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